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(See what G's said about past wll shows...)
Where: Gathering Grounds
When: March 23, 2007
Rating: Remember that really old joke where I used to be married to Paul Melancon?
There isn't much to say about this show, except a good time was had by all! I played a solo set of songs about planes, trains and birds in honor of my friend Karen who brought it to my attention that every other song I've written contains a flight or train metaphor... Then, Ryan joined me on 2nd acoustic guitar for the second set. Paul Melancon (my hahahaha former husband, apparently) came by and sang back up on a bunch of songs. I saw old friends and new friends and thus, we rocked. I really enjoy these coffee shop shows. It's been a couple months since I played out, so it felt good to strap on the old axe. RAWK!

Writing continues to "snail by" (as JK Rowling wrote in one of the Harry Potter books.) We probably have an entire albums worth of unrecorded material, but I for one am not feeling all that excited about it. The guys seem to concur that we'd rather just write a new batch of stuff, but since we've never been the kind of band who gangs up in a room and jams until 12 songs appear, several things have to fall into place before that can happen. We're working on it. Slowly! Keep sending your good vibes our way!
Where: My Sister's Room benefit for Indie Music For Life
When: Sometime in November 2006
Rating: Well, since I'm writing this almost 2 months after the fact, it's hard to remember...
The MSR Indie Music For Life show was awesome, as solo shows go. I used to hate doing solo shows & now I quite love them sometimes. My Sister's Room is a "lesbian" bar, although I guess all people are welcome. And, being a "bar," rather than a music room, a performer can pretty much expect that the live music is just a backdrop for the drinking/flirting/hanging out/etc. Shows like that used to leave me so sour. I took it personally that my madd performance skillz were never good enough to cause the room to turn and bow before me in awe. Now, however, being slightly less narcissistic than I once was, I realize what an honor it is to be a small part of all those people's lives. Maybe I was playing in the background during your first date? Or on your first trip out to a gay bar, now that you've finally turned 18 and can get into such places! Who knows what little joys, tragedies and mediocrities you guys might have been living through while I was playing in the background? How cool is that? What a privaledge. At least, that's how I see it now.

I loved playing this show. I loved supporting Vicki Blankenship and Indie Music For Life. I loved it that I chose to play my more rockin' tunes. I loved banging them out on my guitar. A friend of mine had a few drinks in her and got up the guts to get on stage with me and play drums for a few songs. After a false start at "Empress of New York," I yelled out, "Hey, you guys like the Pixies??" and launched into "Levitate Me," and my friend and I closed down our set with a bang. It was a trip!

And another friend of mine, who is starting a website called LegalOut.Com, was there to cheer me on. Keep an eye out for her site - it'll be coming sometime in 2007, and I really think they're going to be offering a great service to the LGBT community.

In other news, writing for our new record continues slowly, thanks to my writer's block. I've been training all year for this marathon I''m doing next weekend in Orlando. I got the wind knocked out of me (so to speak) earlier this year. There's a song I wrote a while back, which we haven't recorded yet, and it goes: "Run - until the breath catches in my throat, until that throb of utter lonliness I've always seemed to know flies out my heart like a bird." And I guess that's what I've been doing all year: Running. Not running away. Just, literally, running. It's a new thing for me. I don't know what it means or what I'm trying to teach myself. But now that my marathon is almost upon me, I'll have 26.2 miles to think about it. Maybe in the end, I'll finally be able to start articulating some of the things swimming around in my subconcious. Maybe I'll finally be able to find melodies and words to some of the music bits Chris and Ryan have been feeding me all year. And maybe weaklazyliar will be able to start work on our new record in earnest. Here's the link to my fundraising page, in case anyone's interesed in donating.

Happy 2007 lazyfans! We love you guys.
Where: Gathering Grounds
When: October 27, 2006
Leaps of Faith: All shapes & sizes.
Well...tomorrow will be one week since the Gathering Grounds show... And, my memory ain't what it used to be!! This no-internet-access-at-the-ready business sux!! But, actually, I'm at Gathering Grounds right now. I came to scam their free wireless so I could update this beeyatch! Seemed fitting.

Anyway - the show was awesome! I really have come to love the solo coffeehouse shows. I get to play all my sad-bastard folk songs like "i put the gun in my mouth," "salesgirl in the shopping mall" etc. This show was especially special because I was playing at my friend's Susan & Susannah's new coffee shop. They believed a lot and risked a lot and gave up a lot to invest in that place together. I admire the both of them, and it made me happy to be able to be a small part of such a huge leap of faith. EVERYONE GO FORTH AND BUY COFFEE!

As for the show itself, it went great. I saw a lot of new faces and a lot of familiar faces. Ryan played half the show with me on 2nd acoustic guitar - and he even got himself an ovation for his solo during "Again." It was totally cool. Maybe we'll get to do it again sometime!
Where: Eddie's Attic
When: October 03, 2006
Rating: I heart Abby McMillen
Hey kids - what's up?? I'm exhausted! I've been burning the candle at both ends for a couple weeks now, getting ready for LazyFest, and it all culminates at THIS MOMENT, when it's finally all done & I'm posting the final GBM!

It's been a great time, having Charles & Eileen & Abby and Wendy in town. I think Abby & I both had a lot of fun playing the Eddie's show. Wendy says Abby & I are like the same person, and I kind of see that. We share similar hopes and dreams and insecurities and paranoias. (This isn't coming out as eloquently as the specialness of the occasion deserves, but I am tired people!!!! :)

Abby keeps a show journal on her webpage, so maybe she'll be able to be more descriptive. My favorite part of the evening was when Abby got trapped in her harmonica harness after playing "Year of the Fires" and compared herself to Joan Cusak in 16 candles. So funny!!!

I will leave you with a photo of me and Abby right before we played, having a lovefest up on the Eddie's Attic stage:
Get your minds out of the gutter! It wasn't that kind of lovefest!!!
Where: LazyFest 2006 @ Mandy & Dave's Place
When: September 30, 2006
Rating: Oh. My. God.
OK, really: This says it all:
I am praising Jesus, Chris is getting ready to square dance, Jelivs is asking himself why the hell he ever agreed to join this band, Ryan has gone to the happy place in his head, and Eileen from Boston, is wearing her weaklazyliar t-shirt, spanking the monkey.

That's right folks - it's LazyFest 2006. WHAT A TRIP!! I haven't laughed so hard or had such a great time in I don't know how long.

But, let me hit the highlights - OK? So, Abby McMillen kicked off the show and she is so very awesome. (Come see our in-the-round show on Tuesday!) Then, we played requests for about an hour - which was so great because a) people knew the names of the songs! and b) the songs they asked for were ones we actually like to play! but, then someone requested "rocketpop" and of course, i rocked so hard i broke a string. So, then, Abby had to come back on stage & fill in while I changed strings. And then Chris suggested we do "live karoke," so Eileen rocked the mic and sang "Elevator" while we played. That was pretty funny. Then, Steve-from-Detroit sat in with us on banjo for a couple songs - and I don't even know him, but he's so great that I'm hoping he'll return my calls in the future... And he played a couple songs on ukelele - a Journey song and a Velvet Underground tune - and it just ROCKED! Chamberlyn got up and played a song. Eileen sang an Aria. The biggest highlight was when Paul Melancon broke a 1+ year hiatus to do a couple songs, after intense begging from us and the crowd. And, man...he put us to shame! It was like he had never taken a break at all...he is so amazingly incredibly untouchably awesome. And after we finished our set (having played for at LEAST a couple hours!) everyone rushed the stage and jammed out. My ex-boyfriend sort of from high school, Ron, played the drums and he ROCKED!!! Man!!! Steve played the banjo. Abby's partner Wendy played acoustic guitar. Ryan rocked the electric guitar. Chris stuck with the bass. Charles-From-Boston sang Guns N Roses...it was fantastic!! It was exactly what everyone expected from LazyFest.

As for me, I've never been more in love with the guys in weaklazyliar. Those guys just rock my socks off. I thought they played so great and we had such fun. I wasn't even the least bit anxious or nervous...And the whole night, even after the music was over, was just magical. I pushed Wendy into the pool! And then i stole her hoodie and I soaked in the hot tub, wearing it, with steam rising off me like a druid.

ROCK ON WEAKLAZYLIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where: The Eddie's Attic
When: August 18, 2006
Rating: It's Fun To Suck!
I really should take the time to update right after the shows...

Woah! Deja Vu! ANYWAY, right this second, I'm sitting on a plane on my way to Virginia to run a 1/2 Marathon. Clearly, I've lost my mind. I'm listening to Leonard Cohen on my iPod. I'm all like, 21st Century Girl, or something.

BUT, AGAIN, ANYWAY...the show...went rather badly. I would have to say that we played like crap. And what I mean by that is, *I* played like crap with occasional sympathetic crap from Chris and Ryan, just so that I wouldn't feel *so* bad. (Jelvis, of course, played perfectly.) We had a great time playing this show. To read why, click our MySpace link and read the blog dated 08/31/06. There's no real need to repeat all those same things here.

Other things that happened that night: a) my friends Amy & Karen took notes and reviewed the show on gophertunes (thanks you guys - you're too kind!) b) those same friends had a long conversation with Sarah Melancon afterwards about joining the rollerderby...but now they're trying to back out, citing "fear of broken bones." Whatever! c) I did something I've always wanted to do at the show. I asked if there was anyone in the audience who wanted to play a song. A girl named Chamberlyn Kitchens actually stepped up! That was so awesome. I can't tell you how many times I've been watching someone play and just dying to get up there and do my thing - cause it's inspiring, you know?? Anyway, I was very stoked to be able to give Chamberlyn a chance to play. Maybe she'll come to LazyFest & play some more stuff!

Speaking of LazyFest...at the last one, EVERYONE stormed the stage and performed. There were at least 10 different bands formed that night. I wonder if any of them are still together???

And now, Grandaddy is on my iPod, so i've gotta go get my electronic emo acoustic folk thing on... (dodges rotten tomatoes). See ya @ LazyFest!
Where: The Eddie's Attic
When: July 19, 2006
Rating: Jelvis Lives!
I really should take the time to update right after the shows...when the endorphins are still kicking through my bloodstream. Alas, I've let almost a month go by without an update and now I don't remember there being much to say about the last Eddie's show. I remember it was a good show. We Recorded It, so you can see for yourself. Shalom, the (most awesome) sound guy was pretty happy with the quality of the recording - and indeed, it sound so much clearer, more organic, balanced and richer than your average board tape. Shalom Rocks!! We heart Shalom!!

This show was Chris Pollette's public debut with us - and it went off effortlessly. We feel like we've been playing with him forever, which is a testament to his adaptability. Of course, we miss Jeff (and Joe! and all our other Ex-drummers!) All of our previous drummers brought certainly qualities to our music. Chris P. is no different. He's solid, like Jeff. But groovy, like Joe. And he's got his own mojo as well - we are totally loving playing with him (and crossing our fingers that he sticks around for awhile!) We've dubbed him "Jelvis" because he's quiet and peaceful, like Jesus. And a hip-shaking funkster, like Elvis. To top it all off, Ryan has started integrating this old Roland keyboard into one song (it's a sythesizer, I guess. Kind of like the Moog, but polyphonic and with more ocillators - and to me it sounds cool, in the way a cheesy old casio keyboard sounds cool.) The patch he's using is called "Aqualung" or something like that. So, Chris M. was all like: "OK - lets start the song with AquaJelvis..." and so, AquaJelvis was born. We're still debating what superpowers he has...

Woah, sorry. Got off track there a bit. ANYWAY - so, the show was really good. I wasn't nervous (maybe my debilitating nerves have become a thing of the past?) C-Math's bass guitar sounds all warm and round in the recording. Ryan, of course, just rocked the roof off the jizzy. He really, really amazes me sometimes with the melodies he writes on the keyboards. They're like little songs inside the songs. More and more, Ryan's colors make weaklazyliar sound like weaklazyliar. You know? It's like, after 10 years, we're finally becoming a band. Very satisfying and exciting.

In other news - On August 4, I played at a busker's night thing for St. Paul UMC to raise $$ to fix its stained glass windows. Those church gigs are the weirdest!! But, I loved seeing my church peeps - James and Susan and that whole gang. I mention it, you know, for those of you who are keeping tabs on all our/my public performances for the exhaustive weaklazyconcordance I'm sure one of you will publish some day...

Hope to see you at our August 18 show @ Eddie's! Our friend Kristen McGary is supposed to do some filming for a little video project she's working on. It could be your big chance to get on film - so wear something wildly inappropriate. I went to the Atlanta Roller Derby last night, and if you're at a loss for an outfit, you should probably start with some of the getups those girls were wearing! Silver hotpants...that's all I'm saying. Aunt Ja'Maim-ya. that's *really* all I'm sayin'.

Rock on lazyfans!
Where: The Church Block Party & The Film Director's Birthday
When: June, 2006
Rating: Weird Gigs Are Fun
There isn't much to say about the church block party. Someone had just gotten hauled away to the hospital after nearly severing his finger in the dunking booth. The 20 or so folks still hanging around were drunk on sunshine and snowcones. A cakewalk was in progress right in front of the stage. It was the kind of gig that would've left me wanting to smash my guitar and become a librarian once upon a time. But, I'm a new woman, and the experience really just kind of cracked me up.

The Film Director's birthday party was much more interesting. For one thing, It was Chris Pollettes debut on drums - call it his "soft" opening. Kitty Snyder played too - I love her music. Anyway, everyone was really appreciative. As you can imagine, the sound on "stage" (ie: the cleared-out dining room) was nonexistant. We were basically straining to hear the reverb of ourselves bouncing off the living room wall. We played from rote memory, totally unable to hear anything we were doing. But Chris P. held down the beat, and we just followed him. If he can survive (nay, excel!) in a setting like that, then watch out! But, despite the auditory challenges, I gotta say I loved playing this gig. I was in the right kind of mood, for one thing. I was feeling social and feisty, and it just felt good to sing. I had a blast. I even did a rockstar jump at the end of the set. And to make it all that much better, we actually sold some CD's; Maybe we'll be able to pay rent @ the practice space this month!!
Where: Eddie's Attic
When: April 22, 2006
Rating: The Biggest *!&$ In The Band

Dee Mathewson (Main squeeze of Chris-the-bass-playing-Mathewson) RULES!! But, first, let me back up. Chris has a penchant for making T-Shirts, and he came up with this idea to hand-make a different T-Shirt to give away at each show. Right, so, then Dee made up these raffle tickets, where people fill in their name & email address, and we pick a ticket, give away a shirt, and meanwhile, collect names for the mailing list. So, not only do we get dozens of names for our mailing list in one fail swoop, but some lucky soul gets an authentic Chris Mathewson weaklazyoriginal! Simple, brilliant, and too bad it took 10 years together as a band to think up the idea!

OK, so having established that Dee rules, I gotta say...her picture taking...er...well...you be the judge:

OMG - could I possibly look any more hideous in photographs???!!! But seriously, Dee - thanks for handling the camera! And the Merch! And, er, the raffle... And, I don't suppose you wanna play guitar and sing at our next show, do ya??

OK - and now - did you notice my shirt? It was a gift from the band for my last birthday. I'd been waiting for the right mood to strike to wear it at a show. Saturday felt right, so I donned my new threads....and then this horde of innocent children showed up at the show & the guys made me put a piece of duct tape over the naughty parts. (Just like I make them do when we have our nude, summer, rehearsals...)

Anyway, we had a great show - All thanks to you guys out in the audience. And to Paul Melancon who rocked the background vocals on "Secondhand." It was great to play some new songs, and equally great to play the old ones. We needed a good show; we needed to see your smiling faces. I think we've got the best fans, ever. Not that I'm biased or anything! Stay tuned...we should have more show dates soon. I can't wait!
Where: Gerlinda Solo in the round @ Eddie's Attic w/ Larry Zarella, Lindsay Mac, & Jen Murdza!
When: March 25, 2006 2006
Rating: Ferron Rules!
I got to the attic early to see Ferron play. She is amazing. Certain of her songs are contenders for my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Seriously. And no, I didn't meet her. Honestly, it appeared as if she couldn't get out of the club fast enough once the show was over, so, I restrained myself from expressing my undying love for her.

This was a hard show. There were ghosts in the room. I tried to put them out of my mind. I sat in the back, near the bar, by the kitchen door and Eddie Owen sat next to me most of the night. At one point, he emerged from the kitchen with a small handful of tortilla chips, which he offered to me and I declined. But then he leaned down and whispered, "They're fresh out of the fryer." It felt like the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. I literally had to bite my lip to keep from crying. He'll never know, probably, what that meant to me. You would have to be in my head to understand, and trust me, you don't want to be in my head right now.

The show itself was OK. The success or failure of these "rounds" is kind of dependant on whether or not the artists spark a connection with each other. At the best ones, everyone plays and sings on everyone else's stuff. Many jokes are cracked. Hilarity ensues. The four of us were sort of separate with each other at first. Just, shy, you know? It got better as the evening wore on. I liked them all very much. Larry, especially, struck me as a pro. But, as Lindsay said, each of us brought a different take to the whole singer/songwriter thing. Jen was this tiny, cute, person who blew you away when she opened her mouth to sing - such a big voice! And Lindsay literally amazed me, playing the cello slung across her chest like a guitar. They were all great people too. Normally, I'd be raving about a show as good as this one. But I don't feel like raving.

Blame it on the ghosts.
Where: Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC), St Elmos (Alexandria, VA), & Border's Bookstore (Richmond, VA)
When: January 19, 20 & 21 2006
Rating: Why musicians travel in vans
Night 1: I love the Evening Muse...it's like the Eddie's Attic of Charlotte, NC. Plus, whenever I play there, I get to stay with my friend Marty (genius and music-lover). Last Thursday's show was OK...I didn't think I played my best, but there were only about 5 people watching. Marty + a few of the guys in the other bands. This is only my 2nd time at the Muse, and once again, I was blown away by the other bands. The middle act was Andy Friedman & The Other Failures. Andy is this genius artist from Brooklyn, NY. His music was mostly poetry spoken or sung over bass and lap steel, and he projected slides of his artwork on a screen while he sang. And maybe that sounds arty or strange or whatever - but you had to be there. Marty said he felt like he was watching a new art form being created right in front of his face. It was cool - but not in any kind of pretentious way. The poetry was honest and really good, and the guitar player was blowing me away, playing his lap steel through all these weird effects. The last act of the night was The Greek Embassy. We'd chatted ahead of time on MySpace, so it was cool getting to meet them in person. John, the piano playing singer, will probably kill me for saying this - but he totally reminded me of Ephraim from that TV Show "Everwood." So Cute. But, anyway. I enjoyed him & his band. They were honest and humble and just like - good people. And, so, that was night one.

Night 2: I had a longish drive up to Alexandria the next day, and I was a little sleep deprived from catching up with Marty the night before. Plus, my set was 2 hours, and I reeeeaaaalllly needed to practice some of those "B Sides" I hardly ever play anymore. So, I found this little park near the club. I sat on a bench and ran through a few songs, quietly. But it was freezing cold! And damp! And when a crowd of small children began to wander over, I packed it up and went searching for a new place to land. I parked way back in the lot, behind this enormous middle school. By pushing my seat back all the way and tilting the guitar neck all the way up to the ceiling, I was able to grab a little practice time in my Honda Civic. But I felt like a total fool, and I found myself thinking this is why musicians tour in vans! so they have a freaking place to draw the curtains and tuck themselves away! Alas, I sat in my car, playing a cramped guitar, as the sun set over Alexandria, VA. I was sure I would be arrested, or at least booted off the property - but there didn't appear to be any security guard... As darkness fell, a pack of teenage hoodlams wheeled through the parking lot and began tugging with all their might at a bicycle chained to the bike rack. For fun, I turned on my headlights and drove straight toward the little fekkers. They scattered and scampered - two men to a bike. It was pretty funny. The show itself was a lot of fun. My friends Sarah and Terri came out to see me, as well as this guy Keith from MySpace. There was a this man, a St. Elmos regular, who took pictures for the corkboard...and when he had to leave midway through my 2nd set, he took a minute to say goodbye...I was in the middle of playing a song at the time. "Secondhand," I think. I nodded and smiled and tried to remember the words and the chords as he bid me adieu, with a loud string of words that seemed to stretch on forever... Coffeehouses always make for the quirkiest, most bizarre, little shows...

Night 3: By the time I got to Richmond, after catching up with Sarah until 3AM, I was pretty much exhausted. I'm not as young as I used to be, folks! Still, it was cool to walk all around Richmond, checking out places I'd haunted when I was in college, eating Chinese at the Joy Garden. Still, even with my walk down memory lane, I found myself with a couple hours to kill before the show. I decided I'd try to take a nap, to prepare for the drive back to Charlotte after the show. But, even with my coat over my head and my driver's seat leaned all the way back, parked at the far end of an Office Depot parking lot, I felt like a total dumbass. There was no way I could sleep. Eventually, I went inside the bookstore and bought a book Chris had recommended - wishing fervently for a tour van. Even a rusting, smelly one. Just something with a curtain and a beanbag chair... The show itself was cool. I always like playing Borders because of the way the shoppers peek out over the shelves like groundhogs. It was me and a revolving smattering of folks in the cafe, and the darling bobbing heads of people trying to watch without watching. And, out of no where, by random coincidence, I was reunited with this guy I used to work with at B. Dalton back in, like 1990 or something. Crazy! After the show, I drove back down to Charlotte where Marty waited up for me till 3AM. He and I both crashed gratefully into slumber. The next morning, I left him a note and snuck out without waking him. It rained a little on the drive home, and the sky was a sheet of white. I had the XM Radio going, and I don't know why - but there's a part of me that really loves the driving. I love going away and coming back. I love meeting all you weirdos out on the road. Hope to see you again soon!!
Where: Eddie's Attic
When: December 18 & December 20, 2005
Rating: Surrounded by rock superstars
Eddie's Attic hosted this 'songwriters workshop' thing on December 18, where - for a fee - about 45 or 50 people got to hear 3 established songwriters (Ellis Paul, Michelle Malone, and Shawn Mullins) talk about various aspects of songwriting. I wasn't really sure how I felt about going to the workshop...part of me felt a little, I dunno, dirty or something, about it. I guess because, if I'm honest, the real reason I went was to get the chance to introduce myself - which felt slimey, like I was playing games.

It's the type of thing I wouldn't have done in the past. But, you know, we've spent the past 10 years as a band waiting around for "the call." I think this year, I sort of said to myself that it was time for me to quit waiting around for stuff to happen to me. I mean, paying to attend the songwriting workshop wasn't nearly as cool as say, breaking into Trisa Yearwood's car to leave a tape of your song in her stereo (like in the movie "That Thing Called Love,") but it was a small opportunity, a little chance for me to take. And so, I did it.

And it turned out to be this great thing... I didn't say one word in the workshop(s) (they divided us up into 3 smaller groups, and the groups had 45 minutes with each of the different songwriters. Mostly Q&A, mixed with some stories and writing exercises, etc.) But, afterwards, they gathered everyone together and asked for a couple volunteers to play something & have it critiqued. So, I played them this new song we've been working on called "Problem #1," and they were all very complimentary about it. Gina had to pop my balloon head when I got home b/c it had swelled to 30 times it's normal size.

So, in short - I wish the "workshop" could be more pure...like I wish you didn't have to pay to have the experience. And I wish it was more of a workshop - where everyone passes a guitar around and plays a little something and gets feedback. But, I guess there's nothing in a scenario like that for people like Shawn and Michelle and Ellis. So, I applaud Eddie's Attic for coming up with a way to get established people more involved with people like me, who are, er, unestablished. It's a start, anyway - at building a community in this town. There is so much talent and energy here. I've always wished we supported each other more - and maybe Eddie and Bob over at the Attic have figured out one way of starting a scene. Who knows??? In any case, I'm glad I went. It turned out to be a good experience.

And in other news - I went to the John Mayer show @ Eddie's Attic last night! The rock superstar returned to his roots and blew the roof off the joint, playing 2 hours of material spanning his entire career - including encores of new, never-before-played stuff. My God, he's so good. I should've said hello. He was standing inches from me, near the pool table. Maybe he would've even remembered me from way back in the day? But, I was too shy. So I just admired his rock starness from afar, and bought a T-Shirt like the rest of the fangirls. There were other rock superstars in attendence as well - Matthew Kahler and Kristian Bush. I was getting dizzy from the great heights...
Where: Gerlinda solo @ Eddie's Attic
When: Tuesday, December 6, 2005
Rating: A Toast To Uncle Mark
Eddie's Attic is so, so, so, so, so, so, so awesome. I know I keep saying that, but I never seem to get sick of showing up there & being reminded. From the first note I played, everyone was dead quiet. The whole time I was playing I was grinning, thinking about Albuquerque and those wonderfully sweet, but very drunk, very loud, very unfolkrocky types who endured my 20 minute set, yelling out helpful things like, "PLAY A LOVE SONG!" And "YOU GO GIRL!" Albuquerquians: I love you all dearly, and I'm so sorry I made you suffer through my folk songs. Atlantans: I love you all dearly, and you made me feel like maybe it was worth my heart, my love, my energy, my soul, my time, my effort to play my folk songs. I thank all of you equally. I'm sure there's a purpose to the yin and yang. Right? Right???

I shared the stage with two really great bands: NorthSouth and Raining Jane. Raining Jane came all the way from LA to play. (I asked if they knew Jeremy Wilkins, formerly of Underwater, or if they'd seen our ex-drummer Joe around - but they hadn't.) They play this crazy array of instruments, and they're really, really good. Explore their website to find out more about Mona's box! I'm hoping to open up for them in LA sometime - so Joe, get your couch ready, I'll be there in 6 months!

My favorite moment of my show was when I played "My Gravity," and told the story about how, the first time I ever remember playing that song live, it was with Uncle Mark Reynolds standing next to me. He'd just started playing out again, after his heart attack, and I can't remember - maybe it was a benefit show to help with his medical expenses - but, I'll always think of him when I play that song.

Have happy holidays my dear weaklazyfans! We love you more than we can say.
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Atomic Cafe: Albuquerque, NM
When: Saturday, November 19, 2005
Rating: Show? What show?!?

Show = sucked. Albuquerque = rocked. The End, by Gerlinda Grimes.
Where: Eddie's Attic: Benefit for Leukemia/Lymphoma
When: Sunday, November 13, 2005
Rating: This GBM Has Been Deleted

Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Sentient Bean in Savannah, GA w/ Jaime Michaels
When: Saturday, October 8, 2005
Rating: Oh, Savannah, don't you cry for me.
The Sentient Bean is a really, really cool coffeehouse. It's pretty roomy as coffeehouses go, and it's right on the edge of a park, in what I suppose is the historic section of town. The street is lined with those famous, southern, live oak trees, dripping with spanish moss. I tried to take a picture, but by the time I was done playing, it was totally dark. Savannah seems like it would be a great town. 2 college girls bought a copy of TND, and i talked to them jealously, about what it must be like to live at the beach. I wish I'd had time to walk down to the water, but I was lazy.

As usual, there is nothing much to say about the show. There was a concert in the park, so attendence at the coffeehouse was pretty thin. I think there were 5-10 people listening. But, I enjoyed playing - except for the fact that my hands weren't entirely cooperating with my brain. I hit a few wrong chords. I wonder if there will ever come a day, consistantly, when I can play without staring down at my hands? I wonder how people who play the cello, violin, fretless bass, etc. ever manage to find the right notes? It's such a crap shoot for me. Sometimes, my kinetic memory will move my hands to the right position. And, other times, my kinetic memory is on crack. Do you know what I mean by kinetic memory? How your hands remember things you can't recall with your head? If I make my mind go blank and let my fingers auto-punch, I can still remember my friend Karen Hellegas' high school phone number.

The guy who played after me, Jaime Michaels, was really good. He had this great fingerpicking guitar style, and these quiet, sweet little songs that I loved. He's from Santa Fe, and he's been a musician all his life. Just touring from gig to gig. I enjoyed talking to him before the show. weaklazyliar is entering its fall/winter mostly-hibernation, I think. we're actively working on/thinking about/writing for a new record, which is probably the most fun, and sometimes the most frustrating part of what we do as a band. So far, it's been fun. But, I'm steeling myself for the inevitable fights and hurt feelings. Already, it's my understanding that all my new song ideas sound exactly the same. ;) I could go on for days and days and days about creative process and what it's like to be creative in the context of a group vs. as a solo artist. I'm pretty protective of my own creative juice, so to speak. But, I gotta say, I'm, quite simply, fiercely proud of my band. I love, more than anything, that second when we all just dig in, when we get each other, when we work in tandem. But, it's nothing you plan for. It's just magic. It either happens, or it doesn't. I'm really excited to see what comes about this time around. I love having the chance to be part of this band.
View of Myself In Car Window, At Parking Lot Can you see the sun? The enormous sky?
Where: Saturday, September 3, 2005, weaklazyliar @ Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, GA w/ Laura Blackley & Joe Rathbone: Impromtu Benefit for Hurricane Katrina Relief
When: Saturday, September 3, 2005
Rating: Kicked Out Of The Band!?!
You know what I love about Sunday Mornings? XM Radio. Whenever I'm home on a Sunday Morning, I turn on "The Loft" (XM Channel #50). They play the best tunes - Nicklecreek, The Smithereens, REM, Wilco. It puts me in an awesome mood... And I need a lift, believe me - especially today, as I sit here wondering if I'm kicked out of the band for my antics at the show last night.

I mean, I don't think I was out of line or anything... but looking back, it probably wasn't the best idea to launch into Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" when none of us (including me) knows how to play it. And, also, maybe the folk club isn't an appropriate place to rip out our pixies cover tune, "Levitate Me." In my defense, Chris was the one who suggested it. The fact that he was joking means nothing. Ryan would back me up, I'm sure... At least, until Chris and Jeff stood at the bar with their arms folded, laughing at us as the full-band ending of "Elevator" came and went with no full band...only one lonely, ill-placed blat from the Hammond... Chris and Jeff would say "payback is hell," but I was the one who deserved it, and it was Ryan they left hanging out there all alone...

In all seriousness, I needed this show. I needed to act stupid and say embarrasing things and be grateful for laughter and friends and freaking fresh water, hot showers, food, shelter. I'm sure we all feel a little beaten up, watching helplessly as the people in the Gulf suffered and died and lost their minds all week on CNN. Donating our measly $40 (or whatever it was) to the Red Cross was the least we could do. And, forgive me, but I had a blast raising that $40. This might have been the most fun I've had on stage, ever. Thanks, you guys, for coming to the show. And Thanks, Eddie's Attic, for arranging for the donations.
Laura Blackley: I made this photo all grainy to match her blues-singer aesthetic Joe Rathbone and his awesome stand-up bass player!
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Evening Muse w/ Patrick Davis, The Old Ceremony & stephanie's id
When: Friday, August 26, 2005
Rating: Cockblocked!
This was my first time playing in Charlotte, NC. Luckily, our old friend Marty (aka, the guy who sat on the drum riser during our CD Release party) has relocated there, so my Charlotte show became a "Marty Party" just like old times. He offered me his couch, had his kid Nolan perform some Ramones songs for me, shared his wife's birthday with me, cooked for me, and accompanied me to the show. It was awesome!

In Which I Am Catty and Rude
There was a lot of interesting subtext at the club. Case in point: Patrick Davis and his crowd of worshippers. Patrick's a really good looking, sexy, hip-shaking southern boy with blonde hair and a tight t-shirt, who slipped in stories about playing poker in Vegas with Darius Rucker. He had a room full of U of SC (Go Cocks!) classmates...former sorority and fraternity types...dudes with gold football rings on their thick fingers, patting the asses of shapely soccer Moms - in time with the tunes. Thankfully, basking in the grace of PBR, I forgot to compare myself with everyone else. I just sat in the corner with Marty, listening to him chat up these 2 kindred spirits who had also lodged themselves back by the soundbooth. Later, one of the kindred spirits may have hooked up with Patrick's bass player, but that's another story.

In Which I Go Off On A Tangent
And speaking of these kindred spirits, they were MySpace and Suicide Girls fans. Finding them in Patrick Davis' crowd made me feel like that Bumblebee girl in the Blind Melon video for "No Rain," when she finally finds all the other people dressed in bumblebee suits.

In Which I Return To Catty Rudeness
ANYWAY, once the sorority/fraternity alums left, the club re-filled with a more mixed late-show crowd. Here's where the weird subtext really started to manifest...There were these painfully thin, pale girls in dark little shift dresses, underage boys of 14 or so in choker necklaces, one collegiate future alcoholic who was overtly evil to his girlfriend, insecure music types in their dad's vintage polo shirts and old miller hats, a few put-together people who were nice to me, and curiously, a couple of 20ish lesbians who kept making out in the corner.

In Which I Beat Myself Up A Little While Extolling Other Bands
As I took the stage, I was really just hanging on, trying not to hate myself too much. I can't say I ever actually attained that transcendent state where I know, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, that I am doing what I am meant to do. But I played OK, even if I couldn't look anyone in the eyes. I forgot to bring any CD's to sell, which left me with nothing much to say between songs... Still, all in all, it was OK. The 2 bands who played after me completely blew me away, though. Fantastic bands. They both rocked the vibraphone. I'm not kidding. They weren't playing any Lawrence Welk vibraphone, either. Check out their links (above.) Anyway, that was my fun night in Charlotte. As for the "cockblocked" rating...well, that's just for Marty's benefit. He'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

way to forget the CD's, douche! Meet Marty's kid, Nolan. Oi! George W. Douche
Where: weaklazyliar @ Redlight Cafe w/ Stokeswood & Michael Killeen
When: Saturday, August 20, 2005
Rating: Zane's Hangover
Before the show, Chris & I showed up @ the practice space wearing, basically, the same outfit - faux camo shorts, sneakers and t-shirts. Chris told me to go home & change. So, I went home & changed all right - into a black T-shirt exactly like his. Hahahahahaha. During the soundcheck, I was all like "Check 1, Check 2," and then I hear Jeff behind me saying, "douche." So, after that it was all "Douche 1, Douche 2, Testing Testing, Summer's Eve." Poor Zane, the soundguy, was seriously hungover from staying out until 8am the night before. I'm sure every snare hit, rhodes squeal, and shrill vocal inched him closer to puking in the trash can behind the soundboard. But, he was a good sport. Sound is always touch and go @ the Redlight... they need to invest in a 3rd monitor to put back by the drums. But last night was pretty good. It sounded a little weird onstage - a lot of keyboards and a hint of guitar...but Jeff and Chris are experts at playing from memory. Ryan and I just follow along. We pulled off the show with no catastrophic mishaps. And I think part of the roof might have caved in during "Levitate Me." I'm a little hoarse this morning from screaming out that blasted high note ("Just sing the octave lower," Chris always says, "It's the lazy way.")

Mike, who opened up the show, has a great voice - sweet and pure. Stokeswood, who headlined, were equally awesome. Both of the guys were fantastic guitar players. I'm not sure how to describe their music, but I was mesmerized, watching the lead guitar player play slide. A few people came out to see us - some old friends from college, Dee & Carol (the lucky wives of Chris & Ryan), and a slightly intoxicated Lucas Mire brought a crowd of enthusiastic folks. Lucas is the best - That's him in the picture below (and, hey lucas - blame Gina - she's the one that took it!).

I'm not sure when our next band show is, but we'll be playing again soon. And I'll be continuing to take advantage of my current "casually employed" status & tour a bit. I'll be hitting Savannah and Albuquerque this fall. And rumor has it that I have a show in Alexandria, VA (near DC) in January. And of course, we're writing and plotting our next recording. I think we may do things a little differently due to a severe shortage of funds... Will you guys still buy our records if we have to record them live to a boombox & dupe them one-by-one on cassette?

Me & Chris, dressed alike. How Gay. Lucas says: 'I'm sitting here with 3 boyfriends!'
Where: weaklazyliar @ Eddie's Attic w/ The Sundogs
When: Saturday, August 6, 2005
Rating: Blue, Yellow & Pink
WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW! It was so awesome to see Eddie O. back behind the bar. I have such a soft spot for Eddie. He's the one who introduced me to the crowd the very first time I ever got on a stage. I hacked and chopped my way through 2 very poorly played and shakily-sung songs, nervous as all hell, but exhillarated as all hell too. It was such a *real* moment, you know? When I told the crowd it was the first time I'd ever played outside my own living room, they gave me a big cheer. Afterwards, Eddie clopped me on the back and shook my hand. He's been a kind, amazing, quietly supportive force in my life ever since.

Maybe that's why, as we launched into our 2nd song, I was flooded with this gratitude I can't explain... I am so lucky, we all are, just to be able to play. And especially on a saturday night at Eddie's Attic. Thanks to everyone for coming out to see the music and for listening. I saw a lot of new faces in the crowd. The Sundogs were awesome. Shalom the soundguy was amazing as usual. We sat around on the porch after the show, in the blustery, late-summer evening, making fun of Gina, calling her "40 Weeeeeeest," and talking about "Being Bobby Brown" and Whitney Houston's obsession with scatology. Ryan regaled us with tales of old Saturday Night Live sketches - something about Will Farrell and a cowbell, and a piece of bacon with a toenail on it... I love my band. I love you guys. I feel very, very lucky. Thank you so much for caring about us. It matters, a lot.

ryan, practicing his Nord - isn't he cute???? chris, plugging in his bass - isn't he cute???? shy jeff, hiding behind his slingerland kit - isn't he cute????
Where: weaklazyliar @ The 5 Spot in Nashville, TN w/ Adam McIntyre
When: Saturday, July 23, 2005
Rating: What Happens On The Road, Stays On The Road

I debated long & hard about what to say in this GBM. We had a BLAST in Nashville. The show itself was...eh. The guys played good, but I did that thing where I messed up a couple of times and then got pissed at myself, which made me feel sort of disconnected from the audience...Still, it wasn't a terrible show. And Adam McIntyre rocked! We were all jealous of his madd guitar skillz, and he's really great live.

But all the best stuff happened outside the confines of the club, when we were all just hanging out. I was gonna give full details, maybe change names to protect the innocent, but... I dunno. For once, I feel like we should just keep the whole hilarious experience to ourselves. Suffice to say, there was a navigator who wouldn't admit to being lost, an unplanned visit to cracktown, a brush with the law, and a half-hearted attempt to shove the hotel band off-stage so that we could play. It's probably more funny to us than it would be to you. But, if you see Gina, be sure to refer to her as '40 West' from now on. Ryan took some pix with his camera phone...

a girl, a poker chip, and a promising start to the evening... chris & ryan, fuzzy around the edges inbred gina: you can't live with her, but you could sure live without her.
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ Sweet Heaven in Ashville, NC
When: Saturday, July 16, 2005,
Rating: fi·as·co (f-sk, -äsk) n. pl. fi·as·coes or fi·as·cos: A complete failure.
Well. There had to be one.

Actually, I'm exaggerating. The show wasn't that terrible. I mean, nobody died or anything. I tried to ignore the odd things going on around me. There was a stage of sorts. The walls of the place were wainscotted with chalkboards. A bevy of children stood behind me on stage, bickering over chalk, while I played. I looked out into the audience and beheld ten or twelve mouths licking their ice cream cones in time to the music. The air warped around me; I looked down to find myself dressed in a clown suit and singing Wiggles songs.

It was then that I started looking around for the A&R guy. I've always thought that we would get our big break in the unlikliest way. Surely, it couldn't get more unlikely than this?

I had a secret goal for this tour. I wanted to sell at least one CD at every show. AND I DID IT! Yes, even at the ice cream parlor! And actually, there were a few people who seemed genuinely interested in the music: A man in a Rutgers T-Shirt, 2 women saw the blurb about me in The Mountain Xpress & came out specifically to see the show, Another woman who actually pulled her chair closer to the stage, trying to hear me over the children and the air conditioning, a group of teenagers who sat in the back, the guy who bought the CD... There were definitely people listening, even amongst the noise and haste.

All around me, on this tour, I've felt signs of encouragement. I got behind a semi truck with an excellent message on my way down from Portland (see below.) The people who hosted me were amazingly kind and generous. The folks I met out at the shows left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Overall, the tour has been a great experience. I've felt like I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. It's a good feeling! I'll be reuniting with the band in Nashville next Saturday - AND NONE TOO SOON!! I miss the hell out of those guys.
IBG, short for 'inbred gina,' made an unfortunate appearance at the show... signs of encouragement all around me the normal gina also made it to this show! yay!!!!
Dear Mom,

*note: a warning to the literal minded, remember, i'm the "liar" in weaklazyliar...
I'm sorry to confess that tour got off to a slightly debauched start. I dropped some acid just south of the North Carolina border, and next thing I knew, this giant dude in a sombrero appeared on the horizon. I giggled all the way to Carrboro. Thank God the buzz wore off before my show.
I met up with some cool people in Carrboro who invited me out for drinks after the show. I knew I should decline, but I had a splitting headache. I figured a little hair of the dog couldn't possibly hurt. The last thing I remember, we got out the camera to take pictures of the sunrise. I woke up on someone's front lawn next to a guy who was mumbling "the donger need food...".
I sobered up in Raleigh while staying with my brother and his family. I dried out some more in Baltimore, staying with my friend Lauren's Mom, who took me to see fireworks. By the time I got to New York City, I had totally repented of my sins and was ready for redemption. I was staying with my friend's Jenny & Bob out on Staten Island, and they were able to fully hook me up.
The show in New York was rocking. Afterwards, I went up to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, to light a candle for Dad. As I was kneeling and feeling stupid, I thought, So, Dad: I'm on tour, whatever that means. I still don't know what to do with my life..." and I swear I heard his voice clear as hell in my head, saying: "LIVE IT." I know it was him, because he sounded all impatient, like I was about to take the wrong exit off the interstate or something. I was still thinking about that when I headed up to Boston.

See Mom, I've tried to follow my heart. I've tried to be good. And it's led me here, to this amazing, stupid little tour of coffeeshops and open mic nights. What does that mean??? Why was I given these gifts, if I'm not meant to make something of them? There is so much I don't understand that it overwhelms me. I'm doing the best I can.
I'm lucky. I have a lot of people who love me. A few of them fed and housed me on this tour. I will always be grateful. One of them is Charles, who showed me around the Harvard campus and serenaded me with slide guitar my last day in Boston.
.....I'm not sure my gratitude extends as far as his slide-playing..... (/nooooootch.)

After Boston, I headed up to Portland, ME and then down to Hamden, CT. I don't know anyone in those cities, so I had to get hotels. I mostly sat around playing my guitar and pondering what to do with my life. I have a feeling most of us spend a lot of time trying to figure that stuff out. As for me, I'm listening hard! I don't know where I'm going, but I guess I'll live my way into whatever it is. Hope all is well!! See ya soon!
................................................................................................................Love, Gerlinda

Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Space in Hamden, CT
When: 07/12/05
Rating: Like the inside of Sarah Melancon's Head

The Space freaking ROCKS! It is, hands down, the vibe-y-est place I've played on this tour, so far. And, I've played some very vibe-y places! The Space is dripping in christmas lights - all kinds, including ones that flicker like candles and ones that just flicker because they're old and a fire hazard. BostonEileen and Hans drove up from Boston (again!) to see the show & they brought their 2 very cool friends with them! Eileen and I surveyed the room, looked at each other, and concurred that this place would be Sarah Melancon's wet dream. [Sarah M. is known as Susan B. Agony in the Atlanta Rollerderby AND she is an infamous collector of garage sale crap, thus the part where Eileen & I think of Sarah whilst staring at a light-up Santa Pooh.]

So, in addition to the fascinating decor, the open mic night @ The Space attracts an amazing amount of actual talent. There were several guys who rocked my socks off. I wish I'd caught their names... I was especially blown away by this unassuming guy with a sweet high voice and jesus sandles. He amazed me. I was one of 2 "featured performers" at the Open Mic. At The Space, being a featured performer means they pass the hat (in this case, an upended drum) for you! The other featured performer was Henning of School For The Dead. He rocked my socks off too. I'm listening to the stream of their album right now, bouncing my head and typing in time. la la la la la...but, wait, i'm digressing...again.

I'm really enjoying these shows! Chris called me today. I miss the hell out of my band! I sometimes wish we were the people we are now, but 10 years younger, when we could've foolishly embarked on a broken-down-car, dead-broke, sleep-at-truckstops tour. But, there is a poem I keep on my desk at home which says, "whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." So, this cheeseball sits here updating the website in the middle of the night, smiling and just being glad I get to do this at all.

sarah melancon's wet dream check out the subtext...(photo by Hans) coolest signage ever
ron jenkins...your destiny is calling... a closer look at the subtext... BostonEileen & Crew!
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ Acoustic Coffee in Portland, ME
When: 07/11/05
Rating: Nothing that ends with me sitting in my hotel eating Cheerios can be that bad

After being hosted and pampered for 2 glorious days by BostonCharles & BostonEileen, after partaking of the fabulous cuisine of their friend Hans, after meeting their friend Dori whose father invented the home pregnancy test, after trundling around the Harvard campus with Charles, after being serenaded by Eileen - who has the voice of an angel, after noting that the average IQ in MA is several dozen points higher than the national average, after all this - when I was fairly bursting with love for the good people of this earth, I headed up to Portland, ME - the northernmost stop on my 2 Week Tour.

Portland is a very cool place. The harbor is full of beautiful sailboats. There is shop after cute shop after even cuter shop. The downtown area is quaint and bustling. The people are the friendliest I've ever encountered; I met 2 women in a shop, and it turned out that one of them is a musician who was familiar with the venue where I'd be playing. I got all nervous and tongue-tied, as I tend to do, and so I totally forgot to ask their names or find out anything about the one woman's music. I kicked myself later for being so self-absorbed; I know it's only shyness, but I've decided that shyness is just another form of ego and therefore must be monitored! A-hem. But, I digress. As usual. ANYWAY - I loved walking around Portland. People in the street struck up conversations with me, if we found ourselves walking within talking distance of each other. Portland is an awesome, friendly, welcoming place. I really love it here.

The venue where I was playing, Acoustic Coffee, hosts an open mic night every Monday. I was slated to be the "featured performer," which just meant that I was supposed to play last and a little longer than everyone else. Apparently, they don't usually have a featured performer at their open mic nights; there was a slight communications snafu about the whole thing, but it was quickly resolved by shuffling around a few timeslots to make space for me. On beyond that, the guys at the club went out of their way to make it up to me. They even took up a collection! And then they were so gracious and wonderful about the songs that the whole evening ended up being kind of special. They had the door to the club propped open. I could smell the salt air and hear the crying of seagulls while I played. Charles, Eileen and Hans drove up from Boston to the see the show. They say to tell everyone hello!! (And PS-Eileen has drawn a graphic for an AssWagon T-Shirt!) I'm off to Hamden, CT in a few minutes. This tour feels more like a vaction than a 'tour,' but it's been very cool meeting all these new people. I keep hoping some of you guys are reading this!! If you are, come over to our message board and say hello!

the egomaniac takes another picture of herself the harbor in downtown portland me rocking the socks off the crowd @ Acoustic Coffee, photo by BostonCharles!
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ CB's 313 Gallery in NY, NY
When: 07/06/05
Rating: Now, Can I Can Die Happy?

It would probably be ridiculous and melodramatic to say that all the moments of my life led up to the second I stepped onstage @ CBGB's. But, everyone already knows I'm a total cheeseball; it should come as no surprise that the thought did cross my mind. Then, of course, I laughed at myself and launched into my set. I stared past the orange and red and yellow spotlights to the nighted mirror of the doorglass and the dark blur of the bar on the left. My friends Jenny and Bob (who have provided me with extremely comfortable accomodations and awesome home-cooked meals during my 4-day stay in NY,) came to see me. The rest of the 15 or 20 people in the room either worked in the club or had something to do with the other bands.

It was, in so many ways, like all the other shows I've ever done. The sound was good. The clapping at the end of each song was strangely magnified, making the sound of 5 or 6 pairs of hands sound thunderous, like kettle drums. I played my heart out, with no set list--just one song after another, whatever I felt like playing. It was a blast! I gave a shout out to Chris and Ryan and Jeff. I know they would've loved to have been able to play this show. It would have been awesome to have a beer with them afterward, and then go walking through NYC the next day, 4 abreast on the sidewalk like tourists.

It was a trancendant thing, to stand on a stage in New York City, a place where Suzanne Vega and Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and John Lennon and Billy Joel have lived and worked. New York City, where Madeleine L'Engle was born. I know this moment doesn't matter more, or mean more, than any other moment in my life. But, I am so grateful to have had this experience. After the show, I carried my guitar past a tentative boy at the bar, who had come up from experimental jazz going on downstairs in the basement to buy his OMFUG T-Shirt. I wrenched open the front door and walked outside, into a blast of taxicabs and boombox rappers, cigarette smoke and old newspaper, purple hair and pierced mouths, warm moist air and black garbage bags piled 5 high on the sidewalk.

Of course, I forgot to pay my tab. I shuffled my sheepish arse back to the club the next day to reclaim my Amex card. The server looked bored and cracked open an alphabetic file box stuffed with the forgotten identification of all the tab-dodgers who've gone before me. I looked at the empty stage, smiled, signed my receipt and was on my way.

Where: Gerlinda Solo @ Jammin' Java, Columbia, SC w/ Timber
When: 07/02/05
Rating: Dude, Where's My Tour?

I feel slightly ridiculous calling this a "Tour." After all, I'm only doing, like 5 shows. Still, I'm updating the GBM from a hotel, something I've never done before. I'm in some strange town. I've met people I didn't know before tonight. I got to say, out loud, "I'm going to New York next, to play at CBGB's." And everyone was suitably impressed. There an actual "wow" vocalized. In short, I feel like the luckiest little f*?ker on the planet tonight.

The show went OK. Jammin Java is a cool place. Brick walls, in a basement, with a little courtyard, complete with angel fountain out back. Awesome vibe. I played OK. This one couple noticed our poster @ the shop in Asheville, NC where I'm playing on the 16th. Then they saw my name in the Columbia paper, and they actually came out to the show on the strength of this massive, er, publicity. Cool! There was a sprinkling of people in the club. I caught snatches of their conversations in the quiet spots. I think this one girl at a table on the left was telling her boyfriend she thought she had herpies. Or maybe she was extolling the virtues of those new clickable sharpies. It was hard to remember the lyrics whilst evesdropping so desperately...

Dan Nolte, guitarist & vocalist for Athens band Timber played a solo set after me. He was fantastic. He had this whole sort of un-messed-up Jeff Tweedy vibe. I loved his lyrics. They were quirky and honest. I loved his guitar playing; he played a couple different electric guitars, and an acoustic. I think, like me, he probably prefers playing with his band. But he was amazing solo. He has his own thing going on. Really impressive.

And so, yeah. I think I'm on tour! How weird and awesome is that??

Our gear onstage @ Jammin Java In The Spotlight: This is how it feels to be on stage CD's for sale or rent/ la la la 50 cents...
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Crimson Moon, Dahlonega, GA
When: 06/24/05
Rating: The Writing's On The Wall
Dahlonega, GA is this little kitchy berg about an hour north of Atlanta. It's got a cute little town square, nestled down in a valley, surrounded by those famous blue east-coast mountains. I kept joking that I wanted to move there. Only, I wasn't really joking. I mean, maybe I don't want to move there, but I do think a quiet life in a little mountain town might be a nice change. But, I digress.

What to say? Another night, another magical show. I really thought I was going to loathe doing these solo shows, but I'm digging it. It's pure, you know? To sit up there, just me and my guitar and these songs that weaklazyliar has crafted over the years. Do you realize that next year, weaklazyliar will be 10 years old?? That's a massive history in band years. Especially for a band at our level (or lack thereof.) I guess it means that this, weaklazyliar, has been important to all of us. How many things have you carried on with for 10 solid years? Think of it like that.

Anyway, The Crimson Moon is an awesome place. I hear that, most nights, the square is full of activity and the club is packed with people out for an evening's entertainment. (Note: In Atlanta, I really think very few people go out to the clubs for an "evening's entertainment," unless they know the band that's playing.) Alas, Dahlonega was having an off weekend, I guess. There were only a handful of people at the show. A few of them don't count, since they came up from Atlanta with me... (Just kidding, ladies!) One audience member was Becca, singer/songwriter for a cool little Atlanta band called Modern Marriage. I hadn't seen her in forever, so it was great to catch up. There were also a couple people from my church, although I'd never met them before, and I doubt they even know that I darken the doors of that church sometimes. Coincidence? Hmmmm. You have to wonder. There's not much to say about the show. It was fun and not too stressful. I didn't mess up too much. The club is cool; people have written their deep thoughts all over the bathroom walls, which always makes for an interesting diversion. I hope they have me back! I start my 2 week jaunt up and down the East Coast next weekend. Will I see some of you guys out at the shows?!??
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro, NC
When: 06/18/05
Rating: Good Things Happen In Small Places
If I had known what I was getting myself into, I would have NEVER agreed to do this gig. So, it's a good thing I didn't know what I was getting into, because this show turned out to be a great experience. The Open Eye Cafe has to be the smallest venue I've ever played at. The room would have felt full if there were only 10 or 15 people in it, seriously. Also, there was no PA. I just sandwiched my chair between my guitars and the little table where I'd set out the CD's and mailing list, and I sang about 30 songs over the course of 2 hours. It was absolutely the most intimate, unplugged, special performance I've ever done.

Not that it started off that way... When I first started playing, it was just me, the barrista, and a stuffed monkey (see below.) I seriously thought I was gonna cry, it was so depressing. Stupid thoughts chased themselves through my mind...like "what the hell do I think I'm doing?" and "why bother playing at all; i should just leave." But, I was there, and I'd sworn to myself that I was going to get through these solo shows no matter what, so I picked up my guitar and started playing. And as I played, people trickled in (including my Mom and my brother - eep!) And a lot of them stayed to listen. They signed the mailing list. They bought CD's. They seemed to care. They seemed to get it. I was grateful. I was moved. Several times, as I played, I found myself listening to the words for the first time in a long time. I remembered all the things we've been through together, all the things we've tried to say. I thought about jamming in my living room with chris and jeff in the early days. I thought about joe swaying behind his drum kit, playing with his eyes closed. I thought about practicing in our old warehouse space with Ryan stabbing keys on his broken down Rhodes. And I thought about me, there in that teeny coffeehouse, singing with no microphone, something I never thought I'd do. I don't know what I'm trying to say, other than, I'm grateful for the gift of this music we play, and for you guys. Thanks for listening.
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ The Leaf & Bean, Bozeman, MT w/ Super G
When: 06/09/05
The show was awesome, one of the best shows I've had in a long time - not cause I played perfectly, but because the venue was so chill, the audience was attentive, and people came up to me afterwards and said nice things. Shows like this one - where people genuinely seem to appreciate you - make the whole performance thing (which can be strange and draining) worth it. Also, I loved seeing Abby play her set with her drummer Andrea. Super G is a cool little band, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it's so refreshing to see 2 girls rocking it with only drums and guitar. That isn't easy to do, believe me, but they bring it. They kicked ass!

Also, Bozeman is a great little town. It's completely gorgeous, encircled with snow-capped mountains and drenched in fresh air. The people all seem frightfully intelligent, and there are some cool little places around town. The only weird thing is: 99.99% of the population is white. It was a little strange being surrounded by so many fresh-faced blonde people. But still, I'd move there in about a second, just so I could hike and ski and fly fish all the time. And play more shows at the Leaf and Bean, of course!
Where: Tower Records in-store
When: 06/05/05
Rating: ratings are stupid and random
So...here's the thing. We played OK. No complaints... But, the whole show, I felt like...how do I even put this? God, it's completely embarrassing...but, whatever. Anyway, I felt this giant boogie whistling away in my right nostril. I turned around (more than once!) and demanded a nose check from Ryan. He kept telling me all was well, but i could feel it, like, every time I breathed, whistling away in there... In short - there is nothing to say about the MF, GD, show except that I was NOT feeling like a rock star. I rushed off immediately after our abbrievated set for a much needed nose-blow. Sorry! It's the first time in 9 years that this has happened...hopefully, I'll go another 9 years before having to confront this again...
Where: WRAS On-Air Interview/Performance
When: 06/02/05
Rating: ???
So...Ryan picked me up. I oohed and aaahhhed over his new stereo and made fun of this skitchy, frenetic electronic noise CD he was playing. He paid $2.50 to park us in the deck and we walked across the Georgia State Campus and located the offices of Album 88, where we were slated to be interviewed on the Georgia Music Show. What else is there to say??? Robert, the DJ and our interviewer, was awesome. Super nice...really laid back and cool. When he mentioned the Tayo Website, we knew he knew his weaklazyliar.

Ryan and I did our best to answer the questions. We missed Chris, for his rolled-eye subtext, and Jeff for his laconic sarcasm, but Ryan and I did our best to represent. I played a few songs. I was hella nervous. WTF??? I'm sick and tired of the nerves!! They're unpredictable, and they mess up my voice! But, whatever. We did our best. Ryan didn't give away too many of the SFAO secrets that could get us sued. And I struggled along with the songs with the constricted vocal chords of a nervous wreck. Later in the show, Robert gave away the entire weaklazycatalogue...hopefully someone called to claim them... they were free after all. On the drive home, Ryan played me some of Jim O'Roarke's pink CD (sorry-don't know the name.) And that shznit rocked! It was all garageband-meets-fountainsofwayne with lovely little acoustic breaks. Really original. I was jealous. Which is nothing new! Enjoy the picture, below, of Ryan chilling with Robert @ the WRAS studio.
Where: Gerlinda Solo @ Moonlight Music Cafe in Birmingham, AL w/ Zero Chance
When: 05/17/05
Rating: "of all the small things i've ever done...this was one." ...no, really.

The Moonlight Music Cafe is totally cool! It's like the Eddie's Attic of Birmingham. Keith, who runs the place, is doing his best to support music, and for that I give him total props. I think we all (Keith, the server, me, and the guys from Zero Chance) felt sort of mutally embarrassed that there there was not a single client in the joint last night. Actually, 3 girls and one guy filtered in later to see Zero Chance play...

I knew these solo shows (Chris is calling it "The Last Gasp Tour 2005") were gonna be, er, challenging, and i'm up to the challenge - I swear! In fact, I put "Tuesday" on the set list, just so I could sing to myself: "i will not break/i will not bend/i will not give up/i will not give in." So... yeah. There's not much to say about the show. I didn't play all that great... I couldn't see the dots on my fretboard, which led to some fairly catastrophic guitar sloppiness. But the sound was good, and there were a few moments where my voice rang out in the empty room and it felt right, like it feels when I'm in my room alone and I've just finished something new.

Next time, I'll pay more attention to marketing. Maybe I'll get to town early and paper Starbucks & Borders with flyers, or busk for tips in the parking lot of the local grocery store...or, something.
Where: 10 High Club w/ Tim Brantley and Sons of William
When: 05/05/05
Ok, truth is: I'm still sitting here LMAO about last night. Midway through our second song, I hear this thud on the stage, and I look around at Jeff who is attempting to look innocent. I'm playing my guitar and trying to remember the words to "The Year You Were Born." la la la la strum strum strum strum, casting my eyes about the stage trying to figure out what made the thud. And then I see it.

The douche.

Jeff actually went across the street to the CVS just moments before the show and purchased a douche so that he could throw it at me on stage! I LOST IT. I mean, not completely, but I did snarf, right there, in the middle of the song. And then I snarfed again as I launched into the next song! That cracked me up!! [And for those of you who aren't in on the joke, please take a moment to visit our message board, where you too can join us for a little douchetalk.]

As for the show, it went well. I wasn't nervous, for once. The guys played awesome, and we had a good time. I will admit that I felt a little like Grannie G., leering at all the hot, young boys both on and off stage last night. Maybe we're too old for the 10 High Club; I don't know. It was still fun, but it's hard to feel like a rockstar when kids who actually look like rock stars are lounging casually all around you, and you're walking offstage with a douche.
Where: Eddie's Attic w/ Indie Music For Life Benefit
When: 04/28/05
Rating: Rats
Gina once gave me this necklace, a little chip of metal that stays "Star" on it. I realized last night, as I was looking into the mirror doing my vocal warmups (ie: smoking a cigarette in the Eddie's bathroom) that "Star" is "Rats" spelled backwards. That seems like an appropriate way to start this GBM...

The show was awesome. We kicked ass. It was the best show we've ever played! Too bad there were only 4 people there to see it!!! David (to whom I dedicated "All My Friends Moved To Canada" last night): Go tell everyone that they missed the show of the century! Man, that was historic! Riotious! Amazing! Astonishing!

I hope you people are ashamed of yourselves!!!! If there is no cure for cancer this year, blame yourselves!!!!

OK, I'm only joking. I wasn't really smoking in the Eddie's bathroom.

I hope you guys know I'm just kidding...you do know that right? Right??? We still love you, and we'll see you at the next one!
Where: Family Wash w/ Adam McIntyre
When: 04/19/05
Rating: Road Trip
Some people will ask why I drove 4 hours to play a 20 minute set, for free, at some random neighborhood joint. To those, I reply, why not? If anything, it was a good excuse to go see my sister and spend time with my adorable nephew, Togo. But also, there really is something kinda sexy about chucking your guitar in the back of your car and hitting the open road. The scenery didn't disappoint - esp. the stretch between Manchester and Chattanooga, with the mountains stretching out in every direction. And, even though I now have farmer tan from hanging one arm out of my open window, I can honestly say I dug the driving. I was listening to Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" all the way up and back, which has to be one of the best driving records of all time.

And the show didn't suck either. Cole Slivka hosts these "short sets" every Tuesday night. She and her bass player rocked it (she has an amazing voice) for a bit, and then 2 other guys with really cool National guitars came up and played the blues for a while. Then Adam McIntyre, fantastic badly-drawn-boy-esque songwriter and musical wunderkind, treated us to some tunes from his forthcoming record. And then I did my thing. There's not too much to say about it. People were chatting and drinking and having a good time throughout everyone's sets (it is, after all, primarily a restaurant.) But I caught a couple eyes in the crowd, and got a few names on the mailing list. Perhaps, when weaklazyliar returns to rock Nashville in July, some of those folks will come out to see us and bring their friends. I hope!
Where: Eddies Attic w/ Nathan Beaver
When: 03/19/05
Rating: we always love playing @ Eddie's...
This was the best kind of show, lazy-wise. We rolled up to the club an hour before we plugged in, played our set, and then got to chill out and listen to the amazing acoustical stylings of the handsome Nathan Beaver and his equally hot band. [Chris, Ryan and especially Jeff will totally roll their eyes at that sentence, but whatever.]

As far as our show, it went pretty well. The guys were in especially fine form, and Jeff acted like he'd been playing folk drums his entire life (in spite of the fact that this was the 1st time I think he'd ever used Hot Rods, friend of pussy folkies everywhere.) I didn't feel as great about my own performance, since I played the first few songs with my high e tuned to d#. I kept hearing all this ass, and looking at my hands, and thinking "i think that's the right chord..." I finally figured it out, when the intro to "Wait For Me" sounded more like a russian wind-up monkey accordian than an actual song... It wasn't that big of a deal. It's not like the old days, where if I dropped a guitar pick or something, I'd completely lose my mind and start screaming and tearing my hair and have to be hauled away to the asylum for a nice "rest."

ANYWAY...Some of the best things about being in a band are the unplanned musical moments of incredible chi, like the one we had after the break in "Empress of New York" when Jeff started a drum roll, and then stopped for a couple beats, and yet we all just freaking nailed the hit back into the tune. That was awesome. [You're probably shaking your heads wondering what the hell I'm talking about. Just trust me. It was like throwing the touchdown pass, or the best tomato you've ever had, or a cigarette after...well,you know.] I love my band. And I love you guys! Thanks for packing the house! And, thanks to the people who passed me the drawing and the joke on that paper napkin. It provided a nice moment of levity, as I struggled to figure out why my guitar was sounding like Chaka from Land of the Lost.

I took a couple pictures [Us-left & Gina in her WLL T-shirt-right] in the parking lot after the show. I'll probably be forced to delete them tomorrow, or else Chris will replace them with those photos of me puking on my front lawn in our old Barnes & Noble days... Enjoy them while they last!
When: 02/10/05
Rating: we came, we rocked.
It’s taken me a few days to think up something to say about this show…and even now, I really don’t know what to say. The whole night is kind of foggy. This show came on the heels of a weird, amazing, horrible, wonderful, difficult, crazy week for me. As such, the entire event will always probably be colored by the alternate reality that was unfolding in my head. And what’s weird is that there isn’t even any great revelation to report. I have no idea what I may have learned, or lost, in the week that led up to this show. Ask me in a few years. Whatever it was, it was Something.

But when we stepped on stage, when we had plugged in all our gear and we were gazing down at Charles and Eileen and Sarah and so many of you guys in the audience, my weird head trip kind of fell away. And we rocked. We rocked so hard that my friends Lauren and Jenny dove off the stage & surfed the crowd at the end. How often does that happen at a folk show? Now, I’m not really sure how *good* we are at rocking, so – for those of you who know nothing about us and saw the show – I can only imagine what you might be thinking about us now. weaklazyliar…a bizarre combination of passion and suckage, probably.

Regardless, it was freaking fun. We intend to do it again, and soon, and even better.
You’ve been warned.
Where: Eddie's Attic - Gerlinda solo in the round w/ Paul Melancon
When: 01/13/05
Rating: testing, testing, hey is this thing on?
Since this is the 1st show of 2005, I really should start a new page, and archive all the 2003/2004 stuff. But, I've only got, like, 10 minutes to do this update. all that fancy stuff is gonna have to wait! ANYWAY, i was crazy-nervous about this show, for a few different reasons:

  • I hadn't played a show, of any sort, in over a year

  • I didn't have my band to lean on

  • I was playing all this new stuff, and you never really know how new songs are going to go over

  • On the upside, Paul was at my side and the venue was Eddie's Attic - very comforting! Also, a bunch of people showed up, so I I felt all loved and supported. Shalom-the-soundguy was running the mixing board (always a treat!). In the end, even though I was hella nervous, it all ended up being OK.

    Like I said, I was playing all these new songs. Most of which I don't consider 'band' songs. I mean, they could become wll songs someday, but for the most part they're slow, depressing, and not well suited for rock-band-arrangements. I wrote 6 of the 10 songs I played last night during the time when my father was sick. They range in tone from angry to hopeful. I don't know what to say about them, except that they're hard for me to play. I'm not very objective about them. The other 4 songs I did included the 2 de-tuned songs from Yesterday Night (My Gravity & Again), a song about suicide called "I Put The Gun In My Mouth," and a brand new one, inspired by Leonard Cohen, called "All My Friends Moved To Canada." It felt great to get these songs off my chest. I hope to record them all in the privacy of my own home, and offer them free for download on this website. Someday. /nootch.

    One of the best things about last night was getting to hear some of Paul Melancon's new material. His new CD, "Hopeful Monsters" is due out in March, and it's going to be great! I love Paul!! And of course, our new CD "Songs For Any Occasion" will be released next month! Exciting!!

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