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weaklazyliar is:

Chris P. (drums), Chris M. (bass), Gerlinda (vocals/guitar), Ryan (keys)

Photos & Press

  • Performing Songwriter magazine selected SFAO as one of its top 12 DIY Picks! "...a gorgeous collection of pop poetry."
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  • Photos from the SFAO CD Release Party, taken by Boston Charles!
  • April 2005 Southeast Performer Article spotlighting the band
  • 02/11/05 Washington Blade Article about the SFAO release
  • 02/03/05 Creative Loafing Article about SFAO
  • 2002 Creative Loafing Article about The November Diaries Release
  • 2002 FEMMUSIC.com Interview of Gerlinda
  • 2001 Creative Loafing Article about Come Undone
  • weaklazytimeline:

    1996: chris, jeff and gerlinda start jamming on some tunes

    1997: we record our EP, “Demo” and start playing in Atlanta clubs

    1998: jeff quits the band! Asshole! Someone fills in for a while, and then we find joe

    1999: we release our 1st full length “Yesterday Night” w/ Jeep Hook, former guitarist for Talk Talk

    2000: ryan joins us on keyboards, we tour the southeast, and a bunch of our songs get licensed for TV shows like Felicity and Just Deal

    2001: XM satellite radio starts rocking our stuff, we get invited to play CMJ in New York , we're voted “best acoustic band” in Creative Loafing Magazine, and we license more songs for TV shows like The Education of Max Bickford and movies like 100 Girls

    2002: we release our 2nd full length CD “The November Diaries” and our 1st pressing sells out in less than 2 weeks! we license even more songs to TV for shows like Roswell and Felicity . woah! and then joe quits the band.

    2003: dispirited and burned out, we bitch and moan our way through the same old crap month after month in our local Atlanta music scene. mitch and travis suffer short stints on drums before leaving, citing the poisonous atmosphere. We would turn to drugs and drink, but now we're too old and it's just sad.

    2004: we take a little break, but the songs keep writing themselves. we figure, we can give up and relax into a comfortable suburban life of office cubes and secret mental breakdowns, or we can go record these songs because it's one of a few truly worthwhile freaking things any of us has ever done. you will probably agree with us, that we didn't really have a choice. jeff rejoins the band and starts talking about wanting to tour Japan …

    2005: we release “Songs For Any Occasion” and wait to see what happens. meanwhile, we laugh a lot more than we used to and gerlinda tours solo (since we can't afford to tour as a band). She goes up the East Coast from Atlanta to Portland, ME and back, and also hits Albuquerque and Bozeman Montana.

    2006: we liscense "St. Stephen's Green" to a UPN show called "South Beach" and make enough cash to pay off SFAO. Then Jeff moves to Cincinatti and quits the band! Chris Pollette of Paul Melancon's band The Arts and Sciences joins us on drums. With an alt-country tune, a song in 7, and the seeds of a few other typically sad and hopeful weaklazyliar songs, we start feeling the embryonic torso of a new record emerging. We work on writing the arms and legs, fingers and toes while playing regular shows at Eddie's Attic and other Atlanta venues.

    Gina Henschen of Multitask Music handles management and booking for weaklazyliar. Contact her at: POB 15341 Atlanta, GA 30333. gina@multitaskmusic.com


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